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Medical detox is a treatment protocol used to help rid the body of addictive substances. The medical detox experts at Drug Treatment Centers Brooklyn can help you get through this process as comfortably and as safely as possible.

Understanding Medical Detox

Medical detox alters the natural process of detoxing from addictive substances through medication. These medications may slow down or speed up the process or reduce the symptoms of withdrawal that occur during detox.

Not everyone needs this form of detox. Those with a mild addiction or those who are addicted to certain substances may be able to tolerate the withdrawal symptoms on their own. For those who are addicted to substances with severe withdrawal symptoms, medications provide a way to get through the process without relapsing. If you or someone you love needs help overcoming drug or alcohol addiction, call the treatment professionals at Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn at (718) 749-0909.

How Detox Works

To comprehend the need for detoxing with medications, you must first understand how the process works. Detox occurs as the substance leaves the body. The system has become used to the presence of the substance because the person uses it frequently. When it is absent, the brain begins craving the substance.

The person experiences symptoms of withdrawal that worsen over time until the body readjusts to normal functioning. These symptoms can become quite severe, dangerous and even deadly. They can range from nausea and vomiting or other physical symptoms to hallucinations and paranoia, along with other mental symptoms.

These symptoms can also trigger other medical conditions in the person. They may make certain mental conditions worse. They can lead to medical emergencies that require immediate treatment.

How Medication Helps

When addicts seek help in a treatment center, the medical providers may determine that they would benefit from medications to assist with detox. These medications may be given to treat specific symptoms such as nausea, hallucinations or to prevent dehydration or depression. They can be used to reduce either the physical or mental symptoms or both.

Medications may be given to slow down the detoxing process. The medical provider may determine that it would cause the body too great of a shock to move through natural detoxification. Instead, the person will be prescribed a medication that will provide similar effects as the addictive substance but with less risk of addiction. The dosage will be slowly decreased over time to prevent severe withdrawal. After some time, the person will no longer need the medication and won’t suffer from withdrawal.

Specific medications are given based on the addictive substance. The most common substances include opiates, sedatives and stimulants. All three kinds of drugs cause withdrawal symptoms, and many of them can be severe. Opiate addiction is often considered the most serious and difficult, and numerous medications are available to help with detox. The medication selected will vary by person, but all are designed to make detox less uncomfortable and to prevent relapse.

Some medications may be given after detox is complete while the person is going through therapy. These medications help prevent relapse while the person is learning other methods for dealing with stress and problems.

Medical detox is just one resource to help the addict begin the process of recovery. If you or a loved one are looking for a facility to begin this process, ask about our medical detox protocol at Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn. Dial (718) 749-0909 today.

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