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Alcohol rehab facilities are designed to treat the physical and psychological aspects of alcohol abuse and addiction. These two conditions are separate and unique, even though abuse can often lead to addiction. At Alcohol Rehab Centers Brooklyn, we provide patients with the most comprehensive and effective treatments available. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn today at (718) 749-0909 for more information.

The Difference Between Abuse and Addiction

Not everyone who drinks alcohol is abusing it or addicted. Alcohol is often part of social activities and many people can enjoy it without developing an abuse or addiction problem that requires alcohol rehab. However, some people cannot control their need for the substance or use it to deal with other issues. It is this segment of the population that may benefit from alcohol rehab to deal with issues.

Abuse often begins with binge drinking. This situation comes from consuming multiple drinks in a short timeframe. It may also be defined by frequent drinking on an ongoing basis. The person who must have at least one drink every day may be classified as a binge drinker.

People who consume a lot of alcohol on a regular basis often become abusers. They miss out on other obligations or cancel appointments to spend time drinking or recover from previous alcohol consumption.

Over time, the body adjusts to the level of alcohol and accepts its presence. At this point, it may take more to feel the same effects. When the person suffers from withdrawal symptoms because the body does not have alcohol in the system, he or she has become addicted.

What Alcohol Treatment Provides

For the person with an addiction to alcohol, detox is the first step in any program. He or she must be cleansed of the drug and allow the system to begin functioning normally again. Once this process is complete, treatment can begin.

Therapy can be the first step for someone who is abusing alcohol, but does not suffer from withdrawal. During this phase, the person becomes educated about their disease. He or she will develop an understanding on the underlying causes for the abuse or addiction. They will learn other ways of dealing with problems rather than turning to alcohol.

Part of the treatment process includes relapse prevention. The person will learn about triggers that make him or her want to obtain alcohol. He or she will learn how to identify common triggers in his or her own life and ways to avoid or deal with them. For example, if co-workers all like to go to a local bar after work for a few drinks, the person must learn how to deal with this situation. He or she may make plans to go with a friend to a restaurant or to the gym instead.

Once initial treatment is complete, the person may continue with ongoing programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or other 12-step programs. He or she may need the support from these programs for several months or even years to maintain sobriety. They are flexible and allow the person to attend as much or as little as they need to stay in recovery.

If you or someone you know has an addiction to alcohol, seek treatment right away. Call the treatment specialists at Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn at (718) 749-0909.

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