Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn (718) 749-0909 Drug Rehab
Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn (718) 749-0909 Drug Rehab
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Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn (718) 749-0909

Start your recovery process today at Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn.  Although alcoholism may have taken you down some roads you didn’t want to travel and the way back may feel overwhelming and even impossible, Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn can make sober living a reality for you. We accomplish this through a continuum of care that is based on the specific issues that is disrupting your life relevant to and beyond your addiction.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn has established a positive reputation for providing the highest quality care based on evidence-based modalities in our world class treatment center. Nevertheless, your recovery process cannot begin until you walk into our facility.  Upon your arrival at Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn, our Board certified addiction clinicians ensure that you are safe and comfortable.  If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, we provide immediate around the clock medical oversight to keep you mentally and physically stable.  Find help for your addiction and a safe medical detox at (718) 749-0909.

We take a systematic highly personalized approach to treatment. Our integrated addiction intervention modules provide optimum cost effective care.  Although our detox program is an inpatient process we also offer an intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization and short and long term residential rehabilitation programs.

The rehabilitation programs provided at Alcohol Treatment Centers are comprehensive in nature integrative holistic, conventional and pharmacological remedies to achieve full recovery for our patients.  One of the most important aspects of the treatment program is putting plans in place to assist you in maintaining sobriety after the rehab process is completed.

The Aftercare Plan

Aftercare is a detailed and extensive process that actually begins at intake.  It encompasses transitional planning strategies that help to identify the right support programs that enable patients in recovery to maintain their sobriety.  This process entails coordinating with qualified medical and therapeutic support services to provide the care identified in the treatment plan as areas that will need further or ongoing support.  Steps to achieve the ideal aftercare plan may include exploration, identification, recruitment and various referrals to community based programs.

Another aspect of aftercare that many patients find challenging is transitioning from the treatment facility to their former lives.  As such we provide a Sober Living Community that has been shown to be extremely beneficial as an interim living environment that offers safety, comfort and support. Participation in the Sober Living Community has been shown to increase our patient’s confidence for total independent living.  This program was specifically designed to make the transition from the rehab center to resuming all aspects of your former life more effortless. In our Sober Living community, patients continue to enjoy many of the benefits of the treatment center.

The Sober Living Community provide an important buffer to the greatest risk facing people in sobriety which is the potential for a relapse.  Full exposure to relapse triggers that can occur from sudden re-emersion into a former lifestyle can threaten new formed relapse prevention skills. By gradually returning to work or engaging with family and friends while having the support and safety of the Sober Living Community to return to at the end of each day reinforces training mechanisms and deals with areas of weakness as they surface. Whether you participate in the Sober Living Community or not, the aftercare process coupled with your customized treatment program can help to ensure that you enjoy the sobriety gained in rehab for the rest of your life.

Don’t hesitate to call Alcohol Treatment Centers Brooklyn at (718) 749-0909 if you are battling an alcohol use disorder. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions about staging an intervention for a loved one, our innovative treatment programs, cost and the admission process.

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Brooklyn is one of five boroughs in New York City. Over 2,621,793 people currently live in Brooklyn. Geographically, it is located adjacent to the borough of Queens at the western end of Long Island.  Until January 1898, Brooklyn was an independent incorporated city. After a long political campaign, Brooklyn was consolidated with the other boroughs to create what is today, the City of New York. Even so, Brooklyn maintains its own distinct culture.  Brooklyn consist of various community enclaves in which a particular nationality or ethnic demographic typically dominate.  The official motto of Brooklyn is written in the Dutch language “Eendraght Maeckt Maght” which means “In Unity, there is strength”.  Incidentally, this is also the motto of a Kingdom in Belgium. This motto is displayed on the Brooklyn Borough seal and flag.

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